Counseling for individuals is provided in order to help people in many different situations. Some common reasons for individuals to seek counseling are anxiety, depression, grief, trauma and stress management. Many other problems or difficult experiences which are not mentioned here are also valid reasons to find a good therapist. The strategies used within marriage and family therapy are highly effective not just for couples and families but also for individuals. The systemic perspective which marriage and family therapy offers individuals is a key component to that level of success. We believe that, with regards to a person’s emotional and psychological well-being, people are more apt to flourish when treatment is experienced within the context of their current and/or past relationships.

Solution-focused therapy or other types of brief therapy are often used to resolve problems or reduce symptoms rapidly. When more intensive, long-term treatment is necessary, there are a number of clinically-proven strategies which are also available for individuals. There are so many reasons why people go to counseling or therapy. Sometimes a friend, family member or a doctor suggests the help of a counselor or therapist. Some people might attend therapy after making a conscious decision to address specific goals or issues that concern them. Still in other cases, people may be referred after a court ruling. Fortunately, the Lee University Marriage and Family Therapy & Play Therapy Center has a caring group of people with a heart to help with any situation.