Couples & Families

Whether you are dating, engaged or married, there are plenty of resources available for you and your partner. Marriage and family therapy (also known as couples and family therapy) is based on a few foundational beliefs regarding relationships. A significant emphasis is placed upon family relationships in an effort to help couples, families and individuals achieve psychological health. Because we truly wish to help you establish well-founded relationships, the Lee University Marriage and Family Therapy & Play Therapy Center utilizes interns like myself to offer affordable therapy sessions that are designed to make our services available to everyone. No one will be turned away for an inability to pay for therapy.

Couples are often faced with challenges throughout the development of their relationship, and many people do not realize that relationships are likely to be either in a state of development or deterioration. Fortunately, there is hope for couples who may be facing conflict of some sort. Marriage and family therapy specializes in relational conflict. Most people want to live life knowing that their partner understands and values them. Knowing that they are loved and accepted can be a powerful force in their daily lives. Couples therapy can help increase effective communication between you and your significant other. It can also help you process the emotions which you experience when a relationship is in distress.

Helping families cope with life’s many struggles, my colleagues and I provide various forms of psycho-educational services such as parenting classes, premarital counseling and marriage enrichment seminars. Family therapy places no limits on what actually constitutes a “family”. Whether they are your biological family or not, the people your are closest to are your family. A unique dynamic is created when counseling is provided to more than one person at a time, especially when they are somehow closely related. Families come in all shapes and sizes, and it is our honor to serve you and your family.