Occasionally children may need and/or benefit from therapy. Kids can learn to become better problem solvers through therapy, and they can learn the value of seeking help. Kids and families can get help coping with stress and various emotional and behavioral issues.

A significant number of young students experience stress from school, such as homework, test anxiety, peer pressure and bullying. Many other children need help processing their feelings regarding family issues, especially when a major life transition occurs. Parents divorcing, changing schools, moving or serious illness can be the source of tremendous stress which is felt by children of all ages.

Sometimes it may be unclear what has brought on a child’s sudden withdrawal, crying or worrying. However, it is important to pay attention to these types of things. And if you feel like your child may need help in dealing with any emotional or behavioral issues, do not hesitate to seek help. The sooner your child gets help dealing with whatever is going on in their life, the sooner he or she will have the opportunity to experience some form of relief.

Listed below are some reasons a child may benefit from seeing a therapist:

· Delayed development in speech and language

· Difficulties with learning or paying attention at a developmentally appropriate level

· Problems with behavior (such as frequent anger, tantrums, bedwetting)

· Significant decline in academic performance (lower grades than usual)

· Signs of sadness or depression

· Becoming socially withdrawn or isolated

· Bullying others or being bullied by others

· A decreased desire to participate in activities which are normally enjoyable

· Changes in appetite (especially during or just prior to adolescence)

· Major changes in sleep habits (excessive sleepiness or trouble getting enough sleep)

· Mood swings or unexplained changes in mood

· Complaining of not feeling well despite a normal physical exam by a pediatrician.

· Known or suspected substance abuse (alcohol, drug or other)