Family Conflict Resolution

Adolescence can be an overwhelming time in a young person’s life. During this time period, so many rapid changes are occurring, often all at once. Their young bodies are growing, and hormones are fluctuating along with moods. Studies conducted by many universities and the National Institute of Mental Health have shown that relationships with their peers are crucial, and the need to figure out just who they are is, perhaps, one of the most vital challenges which they will face during this stage of development.

From the time that puberty begins until adulthood, the areas of the brain which are responsible for decision-making, self-control and maintaining emotional stability are changing more rapidly than at any other time in a person’s life. So, in away, it makes sense that this particular demographic is often characterized by impulsive and reckless behavior, poor judgment and mood swings. This can be very frustrating for parents and grandparents. It is certainly frustrating for the adolescent son or daughter who is trying to weather what seems like the perfect storm of the human developmental experience. Moreover, the entire family is usually affected by this, in one way or another. The good news is that you don’t have to go through this alone. Bringing your adolescent to the Lee University Marriage and Family Therapy & Play Therapy Center could reveal new and more effective coping strategies to your adolescent.

Sometimes we recommend that parents and, if possible, siblings attend therapy as well. Many times, a focus on rebuilding and reinforcing those foundational relationships within one’s family can spur the change which is desired. We also wish to place significant emphasis on supporting you and providing you with all of the necessary resources to work with your adolescent(s). Parents meet many obstacles along the way, but the greater the investment you make in the life of your son or daughter today, the greater the rewards will be as you watch them become the young man or young woman you always knew they would be.